Atilla is first born in his litter. He's name is really King Atilla and often have an attitude that he wants to be treated like a king too. 

He's full og energy and speed and we think he will suit perfect on the agility course , as soon as owner and handler will get the hang of it. 
On a daily basis he lives with the Border Collie, Ailo that is 6,5 years older male. Atilla loves to hear his own voice, and often say whats on his mind, specially if he's bored or wants something.


He Loves to be were we are and join in on every adventure we can do together, big and small.  

Have done a little tricktraining and some Agility and  daily obidiance with him. 





Atilla- stå


Name: Av Da Mia Cuccia King Atilla
Date of Birth: 16th November 2019
Breed: Chinese Crested Dog
Weight: 8,6 kilo
Color: Sabel

Exl. 2 junior, Best movement -Ncck 2020

Bob, Bob junior and BOG 1 Junior-Mjälby  Aug. 2020


Health: Patella: Clear (0/0)
PLL: Carrier (N/PLL)
DM(exon 2): Clear (N/N)
Prcd-PRA: Clear (N/N)
rcd3-PRA: Clear (N/N) 
Breeder: Mona Lindhagen