Hi, my life in a few words. got my kennelname in 1984, Had my first litter in 1987 Bearded Collies became 11 beardies litters thru the years. 

Our first Beddie litter we had in 2003 with a total of 3. 

Have had 1 Boxerlitter. 

So up to this time of 2021 We have in our Household: 3 Chinese Crested dog  and 2 Chinese crested puff

4 CC Puppies (born november 2019)2 sold and 2 stays in the kennel. Atilla  and  Kristina.

A Boxer  called Aiwa.

A Border Collie called Ailo.

Looking forward to adding more, and hope you enjoy the visit on the Kennelpage.



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