Memory Litter

Dam: Av Da mia Cuccia Queen Kristina - "Kika"

Patella : Clear/ (0/0)
PLL: clear/normal
DM(exon 2): Clear/normal
Prcd-PRA: Clear
rcd3-PRA: Clear
Eyes: Clear (feb.22)

Sire: Golden Diamond Cresteds Viper - "Viper"

PLL - clear by parentage.
PRA(prcd) - clear by parentage
Patella 0/0 Normal

Cerf Clear - 2016,2018,2019,2020,2021,2022 

This litter was born 19th. February 2023. 

They had a rough start to life. First puppy arrived at 5 pm, the next puppy never came and we drove to vet emergency to check. The next puppy had her head bent backwards and blocked everything. The vet got both puppies out and managed to get out a lot of fluids out of the females lounges and get her to life. Kika was excellent and kept calm. 

This was the first time we had taken X-ray to check how many puppies there was and we are so happy that we did. 

1 PP female
1 PP female

Sex: Female

Variety: Powder Puff

Born: 17:10

Weight 1 day : 158 g

Weight 1 week: 306 g

Weight 2 weeks: 458 g

Weight 3 weeks: 586 g

1 HL female
1 HL female

Sex: Female

Variety : Hairless

Born: ca 23.20

Weight 1 day : 226 g

Weight 1 week: 390 g

Weight 2 weeks: 682 g

Weight 3 weeks: 948 g

1 HL male
1 HL male

Sex: Male

Variety : Hairless 

Born: ca 23.20 

Weight 1 day : 226 g 

Weight 1 week: 410 g

Weight 2 weeks: 690 g

Weight 3 weeks: 946  g

68260 Lesjöfors, Värmland 
Alla rättigheter reserverade 2022
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