On 30th of January 2024, 4 beautiful puppies was born after our Kika and Troy. 2 females and 2 males, 2 hairless  and 2 powderpuffs đŸ„°

these are after healthy and happy dogs that loves to work and be the center of attention.  

New member in the Kennel.

Per-Arne Lindhagen came into the kennel in October and got officially approved in November 2023. 


Puppies are born

On sunday 19th of february 3 little puppies was born after Kika and Viper ( pedigree). 

1 PP female, 1 HL female and 1 HL male. 

Dinka was shown at the Norwegian Chinese Crested Speciality 27th August 2022, where she became best 4-6 months and best female puppy. She also became BOS Puppy/ BISP2 . We are so proud of this little girl. 

She is a dream to show.

Atilla was shown on 3 shows and with best results on the speciality show with Best intermediate male with CQ, 3rd best male with CAC and BOSS intermediate. He was also nominated to best skin.
He only need  2 more CAC to become Swedish champion.